See ya later alligator….

…after ‘while crocodile!

The trappers (licensed and FWC assigned) came mid-afternoon Wednesday and tried to lure him with a hunk of raw meat, but the gator seemed to know what they were up to and decided he’d rather hide in the muck at the bottom of the pond for a while.
Rather than wait for him to surface, the trappers hung the hooked bait from a cypress limb over the pond, secured the line around the tree trunk, and said they’d return at dusk, unless the gator took the bait before then.
Which he did.
Shortly after the trappers left, the gator came up to the surface, noticed the bait and stared at it (sometimes just inches away) for about an hour before giving into temptation and biting the hook.

When one of the trappers returned, he slowly pulled the gator in to the edge of the pond. After several unsuccessful attempts (at least ten), he closed the gator’s mouth from under the lower jaw with one hand while holding the line with the other, and then taped the gator’s mouth shut. (See video at the end of the post)

Alligators have powerful muscles for biting, but the muscle they use to open their jaw is much weaker. An adult man can hold an alligator’s mouth closed with their bare hands.
Though the population of alligators in Florida is not endangered or threatened, it is illegal to trap or kill a nuisance alligator without a permit because the crocodile population is threatened, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is afraid that the general public might harm or kill a crocodile instead of an alligator.
No comment.

Returning to my regularly scheduled programing soon.


6 Responses to “See ya later alligator….”

  1. Well, I'm happy he has been removed.There was one in North Alabama yesterday. It was on the news last night. I knew the Armadillo had made it this far already. Guess the gators aren't far behind.Mama Bear

  2. Thanks for showing us the video! I've never seen that before and will likely show my kids, with a warning of course, "don't try this at home!" I assume that was a bird calling towards the end of the video. What kind? It sounded like a gate creeking open and shut to me but not completely.Very thankful for y'all that the gator tale is over for now.

  3. I hope that all is peace and quiet now at your place.I certainly would not want a visitor like that. Blessings,Ruth

  4. I would not want that job – yee-ikes! So glad your visitor is gone.

  5. Jen, that was the neighbor's geese!

  6. Thanks…funny, my inlaws have neighbors with geese, too, but they're on the opposite fence line…thankfully.:) Ready to start our first real effort at a 9 week quarter. ๐Ÿ™‚ No summer heat for us wimps. Time to pull out the books and get some learning in. Hopefully 2 quarters before Baby arrives and 2 quarters to start 7 weeks after (Baby, Tgiving, Christmas, New Years, easy way to eat up 7 weeks!) leaving us to finish up in 1 calendar year. Should be a blast! I can't figure why anyone in the south with a choice would not do school while it's so miserable. ๐Ÿ˜€

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