Remembering Mother
Mother’s Day 2010
Growing up in the south, it was traditional for adult women to wear a corsage to church on Mother’s Day. If her mother was alive, her corsage would be red. If her mother was no longer living, her corsage would be white.

Though this tradition is not as widely practiced today, if I had worn a corsage to church this morning, I would have been honoring my mother’s memory with a corsage of white flowers.
It is with much love and affection that I remember my sweet mother, Mary Eleanor Gardner White.
Gardenia collage: May 2007

3 Responses to “Sixty::Fifty-Two”

  1. I too would have been wearing white flowers.I remember my Mother being very firm on this tradition when I was a child.My sister and I wore red corsages and she would have a white one.Hope your day was special. Blessings,Ruth

  2. What a lovely tradition. You were such a blessing to your mum, Pat. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, as you are also such a blessing to your children!

  3. Ruth and Allie – I hope that both of y'all have a delightful and blessed Mother's Day. XOXOX

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