I’m sure you’ve seen this macro and others like it many times. That little wildflower is no bigger than a gumball, but it looks like a wedding bouquet up close, don’t you think?


5 Responses to “Sixty::Fifty-One”

  1. Isn't it amazing what a Macro lens can do for these small beauties? This is so pretty.I hope your days are filled with beautiful things. Blessings,Ruth

  2. That's EXACTLY what I thought when I first saw the image in your header a couple weeks ago! Or a tussie-mussie, which is more fun to say, but less French than "bouquet"….

  3. A gumball? Really? How exquisite!

  4. oh goodness…i am totally in love with miniatures in nature. how sweet is this?

  5. Ruth, Mary, Allie and Tonia….thank you so much for your sweet comments.

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