"Radical" by David Platt::A Review and a Contest

By ~ Patricia

May 7, 2010

Category: Book Reviews


“And every day I see more disconnects between the Christ of Scripture and the Christianity that characterizes my life and the church God has entrusted me to lead. I have so far to go. We have so far to go.” Radical, p.19

Last summer I was introduced to David Platt’s teaching when I watched his powerful, yet humble, address to the 2009 annual SBC pastor’s conference. Challenged by his message, I was inspired to learn more about him and the church he pastors in Birmingham, Alabama.

As I had time, I began listening to Platt’s “Secret Church” teachings. Impressed with his bold messages, his knowledge of scripture, and his deep devotion to Christ, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read his book, Radical, released by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group this week.
Radical is an urgent and timely message for the Body of Christ, American Christians in particular, to examine the validity of our beliefs about the gospel, the life of Christ, and His call on us to live in true obedience to His Word.
Radical is a well-written, easy to comprehend read for all Christians who with open hearts are willing to make changes in the way we live and worship that we might find deep satisfaction in abandoning our lives to the glory of Christ alone. It is packed with Scripture and examples of those who have gone before us. A little over two hundred pages, it could easily be read in one sitting, but I recommend a slower, more thoughtful read.
In the final chapter, Platt challenges us to consider a one year Radical experiment. It is not legalistic, but a challenge in response to God’s love and grace by hearts that have been created new.
The publishers have graciously provided a copy of David Platt’s Radical for me to give away. The winner will be chosen randomly from those who do the following:
Download (free) and read Chapter One and/or watch the video below, and let me know in a comment here or on facebook or in an email ( pollywogcreekporch (at) gmail (dot) com ) what impressed you the most.
The contest will end at midnight Sunday, May 16th, and the winner will be announced in a post on my birthday, Tuesday, May 18th.
If you just can’t wait, I won’t blame you. You might want to order Radical for yourself now, and then enter the contest to win a book to give away.
A free (until they run out) copy of the companion study guide, The Radical Question, is available here.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group


9 Responses to “"Radical" by David Platt::A Review and a Contest”

  1. Wow! I just finished reading the first chapter and watching the video.This material is so much what I have been thinking the past couple years especially as the Gospel has taken on a whole new meaning for me.What impressed me most was the paragraph near the end: "But I want to know him. I want to experience him. I want to be a part of a people who delight in him…And I want to be part of a people who are risking it all for him." That is the cry of my heart.Thank you so much, Patricia, for reviewing this book and spreading the challenge.

  2. My gosh I was just praying about this very thing last night – about how my views of Him have been swayed by popular American culture, even Christian culture, and asking Him to lead me into all truth, and lead me to teachers who are trust-worthy. I'll go check out the links Pat!

  3. This SO impressed me, Pat, from page 20 – "There’s nothing special about us. But we’re proof that ordinarypeople who are naturally drawn to the comforts of the Americandream can be converted to a radical faith in a radical Savior.Whynot join us?"As I was reading, I was thinking, but what can *I* do? I get so stuck on trying to figure out how to please God, how to earn my place with Him, forgetting what He says. I cannot please Him. I can only obey, and follow. And yet, do I really know what following means? This looks like an awesome book.

  4. Fascinating! I love how he brings up the contrasts between the "comfortable" faith many of us are able to have in the States vs. the truly dangerous faith others have. When my daughter was in school last year, her teacher was telling me about her trip to China, and made mention that it was a lovely trip but that she felt really burdened over the weekend because the Americans on the tour were forbidden to bring Scriptures – even declared for only their own personal use – with them. It was a good reminder that no matter where we go, as Christians and Americans, we don't reign all and always have our way in that easy, comfortable way. I do have to admit that some of his stories gave me a good laugh too. I really enjoyed the section where he described trying to relive his professor's success and ended up standing at the front of the room alone. The line about not being invited back made me chuckle. ;-)Looks like a stimulating, thought-provoking, but fun and enjoyable read. Not easy to find these days!

  5. I have a good friend who has been talking about this book. She also did a review on her blog. Since they live close to the Birmingham area, they just started going to this church.

  6. Hi Patricia,I have just recently started reading your blog and repeatedly drawn back by your wonderful photography.I read the first chapter of this book and this line from the last paragraph summed up for me what I have been feeling of late. "We will evaluatewhere true security and safety are found in this world, and in theend we will determine not to waste our lives on anything butuncompromising, unconditional abandonment to a gracious,loving Savior who invites us to take radical risk and promises usradical reward."I find that our local church so often just goes through the Sunday morning motions and it isn't enough. The pastor has been trying to get people to wake up and understand what true discipleship entails. Perhaps this book will be a tool that he can use to help.Ann

  7. That sounds like a wonderful book, Patricia. Love you ~

  8. oh wow! i didn't know he had written a book. sounds amazing. i'll have to add that to the Must-read pile for sure.thanks for your encouragement towards the things of Christ.

  9. I am struck by the total submission…TOTAL….to Christ, that I'm missing. This is awesome. And scary. Just like Francis Chan scared and inspired me, pushed me to reach down inside and get uncomfortable to grow.

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