One of our neighbors built a shed as far away from their home as the boundaries of their property would allow. I can appreciate their desire to store their piles of junk out of sight, but unfortunately for us, the spot they chose backs up to our property and is clearly visible across our pond.

A few feet from an old toilet and various plumbing supplies, a large oval piece of scroll work leans against the backside of the shed, the side facing our property. I am seldom able to wander ’round the pond with my camera without focusing on that enchanting scroll work. It perfectly embodies one of my goals in photography – to find and capture beauty in unlikely places.

I have hundreds of photos of this oval scroll work. This one just happens to have been taken this past December.
So no one liked Sixty::Forty-One but moi?

2 Responses to “Sixty::Forty-Two”

  1. This is quite pretty.The scrolls make wonderful patterns.Hey,I'm sorry,I did like Sixty-Forty-one.I thought it was pretty.My mistake to not tell you this.I hope this day is filled with beauty for you. Blessings,Ruth

  2. I think I'd be asking them if they wanted to get rid of it, lol – that is gorgeous! I liked 41 – just haven't been home to read blogs!

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