If the readers of Pollywog Creek are not already aware, I not only enjoy photographing dragonflies, damsel flies and butterflies, but almost any insect can capture my attention.

More favorite insect photos are sure to come.

This one was taken in June 2008 near the thickets along the creek.


5 Responses to “Sixty::Thirty-Eight”

  1. What can I say? This is a spectacular photo.Stunning!!! Blessings,Ruth

  2. AHHHHHHHH! *screams and runs* I'm glad you appreciate insects Pat – but I'm afraid I don't have the same feelings for them!

  3. You do have some amazing pictures of those insects.

  4. Okay, I think Floridian insects must be way more photogenic than Montana bugs. (Yes, Montana has bugs, you have insects….that right there explains a lot…) All our bugs are brown or grey and they are perched on brown or grey foliage. Aren't dragonflies intriguing creatures?

  5. I've never appreciated bugs as much as I appreciate them on your blog! What a beautiful picture!

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