This might come as a surprise to some of my readers, but I’ve been so intrigued by the NFL draft, that I almost forgot to post a “savoring sixty” photo.

Silhouettes are some of my favorites, and this one was captured on a July evening last summer.

By the way, we are now Denver Bronco fans. I’ve been wanting to see Colorado!

4 Responses to “Sixty::Thirty-Five”

  1. Is that a woodpecker? Wonderful photo!Ugh – football and basketball, no thank you – but hockey? OH YES!

  2. It doesn't really come as a surprise that you are interested in the NFL! : ) Like Allie, I'm wondering, is that a woodpecker?

  3. Oh, NOT the Brocos!! (But let me know if you get to Denver, because I'll fly down just to see you. I can't, however, cheer for the Broncos while I'm there. *groans*)Silhouette pictures are so crisp!

  4. That is a woodpecker…a pileated woodpecker.

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