Does anyone know what happened to my day today?

Truthfully, I spent most of the day trying to wake up. Note to self: don’t ever take Tylenol PM again. Ever. I can’t imagine what a real sleeping pill would do to me.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow. There’s always. Tomorrow….

Photo: Spiderwort, June 2008


4 Responses to “Sixty::Twenty-Nine”

  1. Pat, the trick is- only take one half of one Tylenol PM! Works for me.Yesterday I got to take photos of my friend Gina's loaded bird feeders. So many painted buntings, indigos, cardinals, blue jays… a feast for the eyes! And of course not to forget, some very fat squirrels and shiny grackles!

  2. I do hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Blessings,Ruth

  3. I agree with Donna — 1/2 pill works best if you must. Hope you have a beautiful night & day tomorrow! Blessings, Christina

  4. I wish it would work that well for me. I'd love to have a night when I went to sleep easily but I know what you mean. Sometimes when I have a difficult night, I have a hard time waking in the morning. I'll sit down with my coffee, pick up something to read and be nodding off again in a few minutes.Mama Bear

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