I know I said “no people”, but I made the rules, so I can break them. Right?

I appreciate Patsy Clairmont’s perspective in her Bee-boppin’ thru the big apple and was reminded of our yearly trips to the City after Nick’s appointment to Kings Point in 2001.
In June 2008, three years after Nick’s graduation, Louis, Emily and I flew back to NYC for a Yankees baseball game in their final season in the house that Ruth built.
New York City is a colorful and fascinating place to visit, and that is why that photo is a favorite; but I’m always grateful to return to my quiet life on Pollywog Creek.

2 Responses to “Sixty::Twenty-Five”

  1. Patricia! These are wonderful shots that capture so much of what goes on daily! I love the cop! I do hope you come back and take more shots! Visit Brooklyn! There is so much character and history here. And, I will confess…I am delighted to hear that you are a Yankee fan! Blessings to you!

  2. One of my dream trips is the Garment District of New York – always wanted to see the city!

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