Random photos from a Pollywog Creek week…














1: ’round the pond

2-4: Easter weekend-Nick, Kristin, Gavin, Casey, Jessi, Mason and Austin

5: a mockingbird bath

6: backyard explorations with Gavin

7-9: boating, swimming, tubing and fishing-Nick, Kristin, Emily and Gavin

11: ’round the lake

12: a Saturday walkabout

13: bottlebrush

The riches of life on Pollywog Creek – the abundant blessings God graciously allows me to experience and remember in pictures. Yet God’s favor last week could not have been sweeter than it was in a place without photos.

My palms were sweaty and I’d been nervously fidgeting in my seat by the time it was my turn to answer the judge’s questions.

Mrs. Hunter. Have you ever been a victim of a crime against your person?

Yes sir, I have.

The rest of the story tomorrow


5 Responses to “Random photos from a Pollywog Creek week…”

  1. Shared the photos with my daughter, Christa. "Wow! Wow! Look at that! Look at that!"Her responses were so fun to hear. Must do that more often.Her favorite picture was the squirrel peeking around the tree at the beginning of the blog . . .Will be back tomorrow for the rest of the story . . .

  2. You make me dream of summer. It's on its way here…the trees are turning from chartreuse to grass green. I would love to have you comment on my new blog–fresh post today. I just began writing it a week or so ago and would like a readership beyond family and friends. If you have a minute between meeting childrens' needs take a gander: http://graciousinteriors.blogspot.com/2010/04/pass-it-on.html?spref=fb

  3. I love all your pictures, Patricia. Those of the family are great, 5 is so cute, and 11 is gorgeous. Love you ~

  4. The pictures are pictures of joy and peacefulness.I sense that there has been a time of less peace,yet even there God is in control. Blessings,Ruth

  5. What a lovely week! Oh Pat I can't wait to hear the rest of THIS story……yipes!

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