Nothing about this photo merits a single artistic accolade. The colors are muted, the light is poor, and I obviously cropped it too tight. It’s still a favorite.

The journal page was created in April two years ago, when I also wrote this – which explains a lot. But if you read that, then you must also read this.
Then you will know why this photo remains a favorite.

3 Responses to “Sixty::Eighteen”

  1. Wow Pat I guess I hadn't read that far back in your blog – so everything turned out well? I do see why this pic is so important to you!

  2. I have not been following your blog long enough to have read these posts.All I can say is, God is good all the time,and He never fails. Blessings,Ruth

  3. Great post Pat. I like the flashback in time of the previous post.

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