This week…

…we found pennyroyal blooming in the pasture and the field by the road.
…muscovey ducks paddled ’round the pond.
…the azaleas remained glorious.
…a hawk kept his evil eyes on the feeders.
…a gopher turtle slowly made his way along the pasture fence.
…and we watched a small black racer eat a whole lizard.
…the green
…and male painted buntings flew in from the thickets and feasted at the feeders.
…while the pretty cedar waxwings landed by the dozens to drink from the bird bath.

Cardinals, bluejays, mockingbirds, warblers, turkey vultures, swallow-tailed kites, woodpeckers, sparrows, white ibises, goldfinches, grey squirrels and fox squirrels…they’ve all stopped by to amuse us, as well.

What have you seen in your neck of the woods this week?


5 Responses to “This week…”

  1. The pictures are all, (well, except for the snake), simply gorgeous. I love the pond and the duck, actually I love them all, (well , except for the snake). Can you tell that I really, really dislike snakes!I'm thrilled that I amm seeing spring blooms!

  2. What an array of beauty!What have I seen?Well the Bald Eagles and Hawks are beginning to migrate through.I have the post about Sunday at the Hawk Watch. Blessings,Ruth

  3. I love your pictures, except for the snake. I agree with Robin's comment. I love that last little bird. I am loving all the beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees blooming. Love you ~

  4. I really have been enjoying your glorious photos Pat. Keep up the good work. (I know it's a pleasure.) I have had several male and female cardinals and finches visit my feeder this week. For the first time I saw a grey squirrel in the bird bath. A solitude swallowtail kite soared overhead. Of course nothing caught on camera!

  5. I've never seen a duck like that in my life – um, interesting. I'm seeing birds but I don't know what kind they are. Did see a chickadee the other day though!

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