Can you think of a better way to celebrate the first day of spring than with a flower? Me either.

Morning glories have been one of my favorites for years. The way the leaf appears to be shading the purple blossom and the layered background colors are some of the reasons this is one of my favorite archived photos.

This photo was taken late in August 2008, the time of year a little shade is most welcome, which is why I’m fairly certain that it was early in the morning that I was outside with my camera that day. The heat and humidity of summer and I are not at all agreeable. When others suffer through SAD in the winter, I am delighting in the cold, dry air. Summer is my SAD season, but as I looked through my hundreds of uploaded photos, I was more than surprised to discover that most of my favorites were taken in the summer.

3 Responses to “Sixty::Two”

  1. Morning glories have always been a favourite here too. Love the multi-coloured ones.

  2. Beautiful – I could reach out and touch it. We have them lining our fence every summer and I love them. John wants to know if your camera is hd.

  3. Here in my neck of the woods there is a similar flower that is known as a railroad vine. I love the purple color of this plant.

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