Savoring sweet sixty…

Pollywog Creek readers know how dreadful I am at receiving awards, and I fear that my reticence must make me seem dull and ingratious. The truth is that most of the time I honestly feel unworthy, especially compared to the talented, creative and beautiful young bloggers I read throughout the week.

Despite my feelings of unworthiness, I have treasured the awards that have been sent my way over the years. I may have been shy to acknowledge them in a post, but your kindness toward me has been sweet encouragement.

Last week I received the following email…


Every year Internet Café Devotions hosts Blessed Aroma, a call out to blog readers to nominate their favorite blogs, in specific categories, written by Christian Women. Those with the most nominations are compiled into a list that gives us the TOP 100 Christian Women’s blogs each year.

Your blog was chosen this year in the category of: “Beautiful Cup Blog”. We hope this blesses you as much as you have blessed others!

A sweet blessing indeed. As I recently wrote a friend, I’ll be celebrating my 60th birthday this year. Considering the alternative, I should be rejoicing, but I’ve been dragging myself through the mud this year…revisiting and lamenting old and new failures…and longing for more than one do-over.
The good news is that while I chose to wallow in the muck, God never released His grip on me. He moved me along when I wanted to bury my face in the mud and quit, and when I decided I’d had enough, He pulled me out and gave me a new perspective for the days ahead.
The Blessed Aroma award comes just as I have been considering how I am going to use this new perspective here on Pollywog Creek, so in honor of my season of “Savoring Sweet Sixty”, I’ll keep the banner in my sidebar until my birthday celebration in May.

Do stop by the Internet Café Devotions, and visit the other TOP 100 Christian Women Blogs. Your words of encouragement will be a blessing, I know.

“For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing” ~ 2 Corinthians 2:15


8 Responses to “Savoring sweet sixty…”

  1. You know I think your blog is one of the best in all the land! And I think it has depth and grace that so many "young" blogs are working hard to develop. I can't, however, believe you won that award without the frog in your header. :)With regards to your upcoming 60th birthday….I can't WAIT until I can be 60! I hope I can do it with even a smidgen of your style, compassion, humor and class.Congratulations!

  2. Patricia, You have a way with words that bares your soul-the depth of your heart and reveals honesty. Celebrate turning 60—and all that comes with that! First of all "You made it Girl"—you haven't given up. Second, I beleive that as we age, because of our experiences, we have more to offer the world around us. As far as feeling "unworthy", I think we all struggle with that. But, DO receive the praise that comes for having done what God has called you to do—I beleive it's kind of a simple way for "Him to smile on you". Bask in all of that and rejoice for what He's done through you and with your wonderful gifts. Blessings, Coleen

  3. Congratulations to you, Patricia! I for one think you deserve that bit of recognition, I've never commented on your blogs but I'll take advantage of this post to tell you that I check in every week and have been so blessed by your humbleness, wisdom and of course beautiful photography.. God has definitely used you to challenge me in different ways and I thank Him for your dedication to blogging frequently! God bless you and keep up the blogging :)-Abby

  4. Congratulations.I know it is hard for me to think of myself as worthy of recognition,but I think we are just too hard on ourselves.I appreciate your blog and the christian content.This is so refreshing.Keep it up.I am a year ahead of you in age,who cares about the number,I'm enjoying the life God is giving me. Blessings,Ruth

  5. How wonderful – your blog truly is beautiful, Pat, as beautiful as you are, your heart for the Lord shines right through. Your age might be 60 soon, but your heart is eternally young!

  6. Congratulations, my sweet friend! You certainly do deserve that award! Love and Hugs ~

  7. Congrats on this award. You are a gift to all who come and spend time with you. :)Hugs and love, Tiffany

  8. hello!! thank you for your sweet note! i am loving meeting new friends through this!what beautiful photography! my father-in-law was an avid nature photographer and your work reminds me of his.i'll definitely be back to visit! many blessings to you!

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