Chocolate cake…

Since mother’s passing years ago, I’ve tried to be sensitive to the needs of others in similar situations. For the past two years, I’ve been helping an elderly disabled widow so that she can remain in the home she shares with her single adult son.

My friend is unable to safely shower without assistance or accomplish certain tasks, like mailing packages, getting to the beauty shop, or picking up a prescription from the drug store. She can manage other tasks, like changing her bed linens, but it takes great effort and something I can do quickly and easily.

Today I am baking a chocolate birthday cake. The cake can cool while I change her sheets and help her shower, and together we will frost and decorate it to surprise her son on his 45th birthday when he comes home from work this evening. It’s such a little thing for me, but huge for my friend.


8 Responses to “Chocolate cake…”

  1. Hi ~ I'm trying to get the word out about an old Lenten tradition from Finland, it's especially good for observing Lent with children. I posted about it awhile back, the link is here, Lenten Grass. Please forgive my commenting 'off topic'. If you find this inappropriate, please just delete the comment, I looked for but didn't find an e-mail address. Many thanks, Alanna

  2. That is so great you are caring for this woman in such a selfless way. I am sure she feels treasured by you and that provides her relief from the pain of being alone. My wife and I did the same thing for a widow and it changed us to be more like Jesus.

  3. You are an amazing and beautiful person! I hope this post motivates others to look beyond themselves and lend a helping hand to another!!! Thank you for inspiring me to do the same!!!

  4. Patricia…just now I lifted thanks and praise to our God for your beautiful contribution to share Jesus in this world. You are His hands and feet and it looks amazing!

  5. Hi Patricia,Glad I was able to pop in and visit. What a very special and humbled message. Loving on others especially elderly is such a beautiful privilege and gift. I'm sure that what you are doing for her and her adult son is pleasing to the LORD. I pray you walk refreshed in the LORD as you continue to serve Him and His people.Blessings.

  6. May God bless you for your compassion to your friend. You are truly showing this woman the love of Christ. In Him,Eden Thorns and

  7. I stumbled upon this blog randomly. Thank you for this post, for recognizing the hugeness of small things. It is practical…it is honorable and it honors the heart of God.

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