Big picture to details…

Captain Hendry’s property near the river…

…to our little property on Pollywog Creek.

After a delightful lunch in town today, I drove out to the Hendry House, a historic Florida cracker house surrounded by ancient live oaks near the Caloosahatchee River.

I’d love to explore the Hendry House property again, when I can sweet talk Louis into going with me. I wasn’t entirely confident about being there alone today, with too many twists and turns hidden from view. I was thrilled to have the house and property to myself, but a little uneasy, as well.

I’m a bit lost these days with my Emily so far away. It took two days and five flights over three continents for her to reach Kigali – a painful stretch for a mother’s heart strings.

I’m grateful for the little glimpses into Emily’s days found here, but anxious to hear from her, as well.

Emily’s cat Lucy is bewildered at her absence. Lucy’s routine has been disrupted and she’s been taking it out on me – crying outside my bedroom door and attacking my ankles for no good reason.

I cringe at the thought of wishing our days away , but I can hardly wait for the day Emily comes home…and Lucy stops crying and biting my ankles.


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