Saturday Photo Hunt – Garbage…

Did y’all see this recent news story about a father and son who are facing $20,000 in fines and fees for the removal of 42 tons of garbage they had accumulated on their Mastic Beach, New York, property? It was enough garbage to fill 10 garbage trucks. I’m sure you can find a picture of that garbage some where on the net, if you really want to see it.

I tried unsuccessfully all week to think of a creative way to photograph garbage.

I considered taking a photograph of our television set. I think most of the programs on television are garbage, but our television set is small, ordinary, and definitely not an interesting subject for photography.

I purposefully avoid garbage in my photos, so I was quite confident that there wouldn’t be anything in my archives that would work, either.

Except maybe these old shoes?

They were obviously ready for the garbage, don’t you think?

Or these?

Most of y’all would have thrown these empty coke bottles and cereal boxes in the garbage, but not if you are in the Gator Nation.

Do you toss your old and dusty potpourri in the garbage? Not me. I just rinse it off, dry it on a towel in the sun and freshen it with scented oils and it’s good as new.

So maybe those wouldn’t work, either.

What about these?

Disposable diapers, wipes and a baby yogurt container. They aren’t garbage yet, but they will be.
These, too. Not garbage yet, but will be soon…

Disposable cups from Starbucks. I think Starbucks should give us discounts if we bring in a reusable coffee cup for refills, don’t you?

EDIT – This was just added this morning.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this photo – of garbage eaters – that I took yesterday morning…

I missed my turn on the way to a friend’s house yesterday morning and turned down a road I don’t normally travel in my efforts to turn around. The normal route to this friend’s house takes me down a beautiful country lane where I often see deer and other wildlife, so I frequently have my camera with me when I am going that way. It was on that other road that I saw these vultures. Dozens of them that I didn’t even capture in the photo taken from my car. Makes you wonder just exactly what is happening to those “rescued” animals, doesn’t it?

Thanks so much to TNChick, for her faithful and gracious hosting of the Saturday Photo Hunt each week. For “garbage” photos from other participants just click on the Photo Hunter Banner or the Technorati PhotoHunt tag below. The theme for next week’s Photo Hunt is “rock(s)”. I think I’ll like that one MUCH better!


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