Homeschool curriculum for sale…

After 24 years of homeschooling, my last “student” is graduating this year and I’m officially hanging up my “homeschooling mom” hat. Emily has been an independent learner for a couple of years, and I probably haven’t worn that hat much lately anyway – but now it’s official.

Many of the books and resources we acquired over the years I intend to keep in our home library. If there is one thing I hope we all realized, it is that learning is a lifestyle – a process that spans our entire lives. I learned more in the 24 years of homeschooling my children than I ever did as a student, and I intend to continue to be a learner for years to come.

Many of the books we used in homeschooling I want to keep on the shelves for our grandchildren, but I also have a sizable number of books and curriculum that would most likely find better use elsewhere, particularly the upper level Saxon math and Apologia Science curriculum.

I am in the process of identifying the books I am willing to part with, and sometime over the next week I hope to post a list of what is available for purchase. (That list is now posted HERE.) Prices are negotiable for everything. If you are interested in either Saxon math or Apologia Science, go ahead and drop me an email (pollywogcreekporch (at) gmail (dot) com). If there is something else you are looking for, just ask me and I’ll let you know if I have it.


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