Running to catch up…

Birds and flowers on our trip to Texas…

Lunch in Dallas with three lovely and delightful young ladies…

Touring the WWII battleship U.S.S. Alabama in Mobile Bay while en-route from Texas to Florida…

Back on Pollywog Creek – just as the rainy season has arrived…

On an early morning drive to the city – the first day of June…

Every morsel of the month of May was completely consumed. It seemed as though we celebrated the entire month – from Mother’s Day and birthdays to birth days and treasured days with those we love who live far away from our Pollywog Creek abode.

To those of you who stuck with me here through the month of May – despite my scheduled posts from the archives – thank you. Your emails and comments have been greatly appreciated.

June will be different – I promise. I am most excited about a second writing project that I have added to my schedule and have decided to share large portions of it here on Pollywog Creek. My goal is to publish one post a week related to this particular project and I honestly cannot wait to get started.

Emily is just a month away from leaving for Rwanda and is focused on finalizing those preparations. She still needs two more vaccinations and possibly a few more items of clothing. What joy it has been to witness God’s abundant provisions for Emily to be able to make this trip.

“To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.” (Philippians 4:20)


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