…that’s what Casey said Austin was born with – attitude. I must admit, he did come equipped with a healthy set of lungs. And long black hair and the sweetest disposition – as long as he can eat the nano-second he is hungry.

And Mason. My goodness. Have I ever missed that adorable Mason. He is so cute and smart and funny – and I fell asleep in tears last night at the thought of having to kiss those sweet cheeks of his goodbye.

Emily and I just finished the most delicious lunch at a Cheesecake Factory in Dallas with two delightful friends Emily made online four years ago. This is my first trip to Dallas AND to a Cheesecake Factory. Let me tell you – the chocolate coconut cheesecake is incredible. I’ll be on a sugar high for the rest of the day.

Emily and I are in Dallas to pick up Louis who is flying in from Florida. We can’t wait to see him and introduce him to Austin.

The wildflowers in NE Texas are stunning, and as you can imagine, I have taken a few photographs as proof. Until next week, when we return to Pollywog Creek, I pray that you will be blessed to be a blessing.


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