May::Day 5

I know. I promised. No more shrikes, but you would not believe the noise coming from the dead eucalyptus tree near the front gate yesterday afternoon. I’m not sure exactly what the daddy (or momma) shrike (the one with the longer, thinner tail feathers) was trying to teach one of the fledglings, but whatever it was, it wasn’t going over well.

Even after the prey the daddy was grasping in his claw was gone, the little one continued to complain quite loudly, all the while following the daddy from tree limb to tree limb.

And Nicky? He’s still asleep – rising only for bits of nourishment and visits to his private loo. Who knows what trouble he got into the other night after finding an escape route off the back porch while we were at church Sunday morning.

I was heartsick that he might have run away for good. Nicky is my grand-cat who came to live with us when Gavin was born a couple of years ago. He was declawed before he moved in with us, so he’s always been a house-cat, but he’s fearless and adventurous and forever looking for a way to escape. Unfortunately, we have neighbors with BIG dogs, and fox and bobcat and who knows-what-else that live in the woods. I was worried sick when Nicky didn’t come home before dark, even after a heavy rain – the first we have had in weeks, and I was sure that something dreadful had or would happen to him.

Around 1:30 in the morning, Louis woke me up to tell me that Nicky was in our bathroom window. Not fully awake and without shoes I got my socks soaked in the wet grass when I went outside to get him, but he ran away before I could do so. Very early yesterday morning, he was in the garage just as we were leaving for out of town doctor’s appointments, but once again he ran away. Stinker.

By the time we returned from our appointments, he had finally had enough and was at the back porch begging to get inside. As soon as he recovers from his little misadventures, I’m informing him that he’s grounded for a week.

From 2008…

May 5 – St. Peter’s Wort

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