After reflecting on the scriptures and message from today’s sermon this afternoon, I contemplated the week ahead as I often do – with my calendar journal, weekly schedule, and one of mother’s devotionals.

Mother annotated her devotionals, recording important events like birthdays, trips, and visits from family and friends, as well as underlining passages that spoke to her in a special way. Mother’s method of annotation is one I have adopted with my own devotionals and hope that they will be as meaningful to my family in the future as my mother’s devotionals are for me today.

As I prepared my schedule for the coming week, I glanced through my mother’s devotionals to not only catch a glimpse of her thoughts in years past, but as a reminder of upcoming important family events that I might otherwise overlook.

Hardly a day passes that I don’t remember and miss my mother, but especially Easter and April 19th – the day my mother died just four days after Easter that year. There are many things that I miss about my mother, but her hugs are at the top of the list. What I would give for a hug from my mother today.

*Photo – A portion of the entry for April 19 in one of my mother’s devotionals; my grandcat Nicky on the porch cuz he’s just so cute; the backyard swing where I reflect, contemplate, read and drink coffee; my ESV Study Bible and sermon notes.


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