So here’s what I’ve been thinking…

In light of my “tea party” posts both here and on the porch, I’ve been thinking about the issues that concern me, particularly the use of tax dollars to pay for abortions and the bent towrd socialized medicine that brings with it the increasing possibility of euthanasia and assisted-suicide. These are the issues that most motivate me to be proactive in the political arena – to speak for those (the unborn and the elderly) who cannot speak for themselves.

For a variety of reasons, I have chosen to keep political discussions on the porch, but here’s what I’ve been thinking…I’m willing to speak out against the injustices I see in the government, but is my passion and energy misplaced?

Kevin DeYoung is doing an excellent and thought-provoking series on “High Places” and his post today on the “Idolotry of Youth” resonated with me on many levels, but particularly in his remarks about the elderly in the church…

“Because we have many internationals in our church, I have become more aware of how little my American culture encourages honor for parents and respect for our elders. Sadly, we see this in too many churches where youth ministry is everything and seniors ministry is practically nothing….We have coddled kids when they should be challenged to do more for themselves, while we have not given enough help to the elderly when they really can’t do as much on their own.”

Is that not the injustice that should call me to action – not the misuse of tax dollars, but the use of tithes and gifts to cater to the youth at the expense of the elders?

That’s what I’ve been thinking.

*Photo – the fog lifting (!) on Pollywog Creek early this morning.


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