I can’t believe I missed it…

Saturday March 28th was “Weed Appreciation Day”, and y’all know how much I appreciate the wonder and beauty of weeds. It’s not that I love to see them in the landscaping around the house, but we have 5 acres with a pasture, a field, a creek with thickets that line the banks and a pond bordered by cypress knees and trees. Those are the places I delight in discovering the delicate loveliness of flowers and plants that most people call weeds.

Rusty lyonia and wild blueberries are two of my favorite native weeds that are presently in bloom on Pollywog Creek.

The rusty lyonia (lyonia ferruginea) grows along the edge of the thickets and under the pine trees in the pasture. The white urn shaped flowers look very much like those of the wild blueberries, but they are dotted with rust-colored spots.

The white to pinkish bell-shaped flowers of the blueberry (vaccinium) hang in clusters similar to the rusty lyonia. This lowbush variety grows at the edge of the thickets by the creek.

Speaking of pink, my latest post at Washing the Feet of the Saints is Pretty in Pink…

Do you have a favorite weed that is in bloom?


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