Pretty in Pink…

During the time mother entered rehab and we moved her into our Pollywog Creek home, I became a bit annoyed with the nursing home staff when I noticed that mother’s shirts were always on backwards. I never said anything, but I thought…how difficult can it be to put some one’s shirt on right?

The first morning mother was in our home and I dressed her after her bath I discovered exactly how difficult it can be to dress someone in mother’s helpless condition. It’s one thing to dress a tiny newborn – though that can be difficult enough – but dressing mother was like dressing a 140-pound newborn.

After what seemed like a hour, with one of mother’s arms in one sleeve and the rest of her shirt crumpled up behind her back, I gave up in laughter. Mother laughed, too, as I proceeded to re-dress her with her shirt on backwards.

Determined to find a solution, I discovered several online resources with clothing for patients with a variety of challenges such as mother’s. It was obvious that she needed shirts and dresses with closures in the back and I had fun choosing a variety of dresses in colors she had never worn before – like pink.

A natural redhead, many of her long time friends had called mother “Red” as long as I could remember, and redheads do not wear pink, but mother had not been a redhead for many years and I decided to go for it.

I thought she looked pretty in pink – don’t you?


2 Responses to “Pretty in Pink…”

  1. VERY pretty indeed.What a beautiful beautiful blog.I see PEACE in her eyes.God bless you for your loving care…During a recent extended hospital stay, my Dad, who was near death…wanted his hair washed so very badly…I told him "we can do it! let's go!" We managed to get him into a chair in the bathroom and I washed his beautiful hair…and FLOODED the entire hospital bathroom because the process was so difficult! My mother panicked…but Dad and I just laughed and told the cleaning team that we had already done their job for them that day!My Dad is still with us, thankfully…so each day is now an added blessing.Thanks for sharing your mother with us:)

  2. Patricia(?),Did your mother ever say anything about keeping her hair red? Both my mother and my grandmother had red hair and both keep(kept) it that way; it was very important to them to keep that color, so much so with my mother (I don't really know how my grandmother did it) that when they changed the formula of my mother's she got quite upset.Donna

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