Baby, baby…

Wandering through the pasture late this afternoon, I discovered these two juvenile mourning doves huddled together on the limb of one of the small scrub oaks. Older doves would have flown away, but these two barely moved as I circled the tree in an effort to get a good angle for a photo – a task that proved difficult, as you can see. There was no sign of a nest or parents. I’ll be anxious to see if they are still perched in that same spot in the morning.

It felt good to be outside in the cool of the late afternoon. Emily and I had been away from home since early morning when I was scheduled for blood work and a dexa scan. Later we drove into the city for lunch and to shop for a baby shower and to visit the library. By the time we got home, I was exhausted. I’m having a hard time shaking the flu and it doesn’t seem to take much lately to wipe me out. A short nap only seemed to make me lethargic. A long walk in the fresh air after an early supper was exactly what I needed.


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