Of wood storks and faith…

An early morning prayer walk around Pollywog Creek is my favorite way to begin the day. In my recent efforts to establish a daily schedule that will help me stay committed to important-to-me-tasks, I made certain that adequate time was allotted for those morning prayer walks. The ink was barely dry on my schedule before one minor crisis after another began to sabotage my efforts.

Though the rest of the day unfolded less successfully, I was finally able to take that morning prayer walk yesterday as scheduled.

As I walked under the canopy of scrub oaks that line our driveway amid the bursting with color azaleas that flourish in their shade, I heard the swoosh, swoosh, swooshing of their wings in just enough time to take a few quick photos. Three large wood storks glided elegantly in formation over Pollywog Creek in silhouettes of long curved beaks and legs that trailed behind huge wing spans – which in mature wood storks can be over five feet in length.

The wood stork is the only stork that breeds in the United States. A year-round inhabitant of south Florida, this wading bird’s breeding season occurs in our late winter dry season, when low water levels in ponds and creeks create concentrated areas of fish and frogs for food.

They must have discovered from their elevated vantage point that our pond was not to their liking, for they didn’t even slow their pace and quickly swooshed away.

Wouldn’t that be awesome to have an “overhead” view of life?

To see from a distance just where we are going and alter our “flight plans” if there was something better on the horizon?

Well….I suppose that wouldn’t be faith now, would it?


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