That was hard…

That was hard. Don’t you just hate having to make decisions?

I’d much rather have a flower than a frog in my house (which reminds me of an incident that I’ll tell you about in a minute), but as several of you indicated, the frog IS Pollywog Creek.

I’ll just have to surprise the rest of you more often with colorful flower photos in my posts. Deal?

Tuesdays are often one of my busiest days – leaving little to no time for photography wanderings, but I happened to catch this male cardinal through a bedroom window this morning.

Can you tell how brown the grass is beyond the cardinal? Except for the winter grass that Louis planted close to the house, there is little that survived last week’s hard frosts and freezes.

On one of those cold mornings last week, I opened the front door and two little frogs like the one in my header photo fell into the house. They must have sought refuge from the cold in the tiny space between the top of the door and the frame. They just lay on their backs on the floor and didn’t move, so I assumed that they were dead and that I could leave them there for a few minutes while I looked around outside. When I returned about fifteen minutes later, the frogs were no where to be found.

Louis found one of them later that evening on the other side of the house. He said that they probably didn’t move at first because they were too cold, but after they warmed up a little in the house, they hopped away.

Don’t tell Emily, but we never did find the other one.


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