Lyrical theology and Keith Green…

from Desiring God Blog “Holy Hip Hop”

A few days ago I was thrilled to read a JD Walt’s post on Keith Green. Almost two years ago, I wrote about the influence of Keith Green’s music on my walk with Christ in “…first help me to just live it Lord”.

My tastes in music styles is about as diverse as they come. I can appreciate almost everything from Toby Mac and Hillsong United to the Gaithers and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. In the world of secular music, the lyrics tend to narrow that range of diversity, but I still enjoy a wide variety of musical styles and so do our children.

As well as posting a video of Keith Green when he was only 11 years old and another leading worship years later, JD Walt links to a very informative documentary on the life of Keith Green. I am anxious for Emily to watch all of them. I’m interested to see if she sees the same parallels that I do in Keith Green and popular worship leaders and ministries to young people today.

Start a pot of coffee or put the kettle on for tea. The documentary is an hour long, but well worth your time. I’d love to know what y’all think. You, too, MJ.

UPDATE: A Great Musical Moment from Vitamin Z


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