Project: Coffee::Day 4, Part I

Today is a travel mug kind of day. It is the day that my friend Jane and I have the opportunity to minister to an elderly disabled widow by cleaning the home she shares with her widowed son and helping her take a shower. It is a privilege Jane and I have had for almost a year, and an end to this opportunity does not appear to be in site.

I was reminded yesterday that God loves a cheerful giver. I don’t think that passage only applies to my money – but to every resource God makes available to me – my time, my energy. It’s not always easy to be cheerful about cleaning someone else’s toilets – for free – especially when my knees hurt and it is a beautiful morning and I’d love to be outside with my camera. The truth is I can’t always be cheerful on my own. Sometimes I need God to pour cheerfulness into my heart for this divine appointment He has given to me.

I have so much more I want to tell about that travel mug, and my widow friend and coffee.



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