Ready or not…

Christmas Eve at the Hendersons – Louis, Emily, Me, Kristin, Gavin, Nick

Have you ever tried to write a children’s book? A simple children’s book for two year olds? Think it’s easy? Think again. Then again, maybe it’s just me. I’ve been working on books for both of the little ones for Christmas. Christmas Day is coming to a close and I am STILL working on books for the little ones.

Last night I had to laugh at myself as I found glaring errors in what I had hoped would be the final printing of Gavin’s book before hand sewing the spine and attaching the cover. After printing and reprinting and laminating and gluing and trimming I noticed – a preposition missing here, a misspelling there. Anyone want to edit a simple children’s book for me – a wee bit over 200 words?

Gavin’s book was closer to being finished than Mason’s, and I had great expectations of being able to give it to him today. All I can say is that it’s a good thing that the little ones are only two years old and will never know that the books aren’t in their sweet little hands on Christmas Day. After all, every day is Christmas when you are two, right?



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