A storybook Bible for little ones…

While Gavin was here yesterday, he carried his copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones out to the porch to read to a waiting hobbyhorse reindeer and Christmas teddy bear audience. He loves that book.

True to his little boy character, Gavin’s favorite stories are “Daniel and the scary sleepover” (Daniel and the lions’ den from Daniel 6) and “God’s messenger” (Jonah and the big fish, from Jonah 1-4; Hebrews 1:1-2), as well as “The Light of the whole world” (the story of the shepherds, from Luke 2). Despite the publisher’s claims that the book will appeal to ages 4 and up, Gavin isn’t even 2 yet and he loves it.

If your family or your children’s family doesn’t own a copy of this story book Bible, I highly recommend purchasing one (or more) for Christmas.

In this week before Christmas, I thought I’d keep That’s Christmas at the very top of my home page in the hope that all who visit Pollywog Creek will take the time to watch and then share it with friends.

We have lifegroup this evening, but my contribution to the covered dish meal has already been prepared. With nothing pressing on my calendar today, I’m anticipating a leisurely afternoon on the backyard swing – with a stack of good books and a pillow for napping. My camera and a cup of coffee are a given, of course. The painted bunting was back at the feeder yesterday and I’d be thrilled to have him show up again this afternoon when I’m out there, too.

I did the silliest thing yesterday because of that little bird. The sliding glass door to the porch had been open all day and I forgot that we had closed it. With my eyes focused on the painted bunting at the feeder, I smacked face-first right into the closed door. Fortunately I keep a boo-boo bear in the freezer for the little ones, otherwise I’m sure I’d have a black eye today.



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