Posting photos of myself is clearly one of the most humble things I’ll ever do. Not only am I posting photos, but large, unedited and unplanned photos at that. I am one of the least photogenic persons I know, but I must admit that these photos do pretty much look like what I see in the mirror. It’s the way I look 99% of the time I bother to get dressed. Just ask my daughter.

So why am I being so humble today? My photography friend JC has declared a mini-project for this week that is a continuation of the photo hunt theme “reflection”. I have much too much going on this week to participate every day, but when I caught my “reflection” in the mirror this afternoon, I had to laugh, grab my camera, and post these photos for fun.

See this?

And this?

The details in that last photo might be difficult to make out, so I guess I better explain.

Today was the third time I have worn earrings that don’t match to church. Third time that I know of. At least a year ago – maybe two, a friend told me after church how unique she thought it was that my earrings were not exactly alike. She was being kind. They weren’t even the same color.

The next time no one said a word. I didn’t realize my mistake until I took the earrings out at home.

Just like today, only today we went out to eat after church and shopped for a few gifts and groceries before coming home. *blush*

Makes me wonder what people must think. It has always been my hair that prompts total strangers to comment and by which people seem to remember me. Isn’t that funny? Do you suppose I’ll now be known as the eccentric who wears earrings that don’t match?

How embarrassing. It reminds me of the lady who sat in the row in front of us at a funeral Louis, Emily and I attended several years ago. We had just gotten settled in our seats when at the same time all three of us noticed that the lady sitting in front of us had put her shirt on inside out. The worst part was that we looked at each other and then the three of us got the giggles. We couldn’t help noticing this poor lady and her shirt on inside out. And we couldn’t stop giggling. At a funeral. Fortunately we were sitting in the very back row. I’m not sure what was more embarrassing – the lady with her shirt on inside out or the three of us giggling at a funeral.

Makes me wonder how many people sitting behind me in church have been giggling about my earrings.


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