Shades of Inspiration – Lime Green

I keep forgetting to tell y’all about Shades of Inspiration, a beautiful flickr group that I joined weeks ago and sometimes I remember to participate. The assignment this week was “lime green” and those are two photos I submitted to the pool a couple of days ago.

I’m presently waiting for the temperature outside to rise above 50-degrees so I can gather my basket of books and a cup of coffee and get comfy on my “swing retreat”. I’m sure that my northern friends are now rolling their eyes and muttering “50-degrees? Oh, please!

I realized this week that I might be becoming difficult to please. I’m prone to whine throughout our oppressive hot and humid summers, but cold weather is very hard on my joints.

Maybe I’d be perfectly happy with an eternal spring. Maybe not. Probably not.

I saw my doctor earlier this week and she gave me a verbal spanking. I was telling her how depressed I’ve been about my joint pains and she reminded me that many people with crohn’s disease have it much worse than I do.

I just checked – it’s 49-degrees. Close enough. By the time I make a fresh pot of hazelnut cream coffee, it will be just right.

I’ll be listening to Chris Tomlin’s newest CD while I’m out there. The whole CD is fantastic, but I especially appreciate “Jesus Messiah”, “Praise the Father, Praise the Son”, and “My Deliverer”. Want to join me?


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