The Rock on Shifting Sand…

“For who is God, but the Lord? And who is a rock, except our God?—” Psalm 18:31 (ESV)

As I wrote last week…”no matter the outcome, the 2008 election cycle has been a defining moment in history and our lives will likely never be the same. If we – as in all of us – have been blind to the liberal and leftist (socialist) agenda at work around us, then our eyes have most surely been opened.” Shifting sand

Words of wisdom and encouragement for today (please read them all)…

“Without doubt, we face hard days ahead. Realistically, we must expect to be frustrated and disappointed. We may find ourselves to be defeated and discouraged. We must keep ever in mind that it is God who raises up nations and pulls them down, and who judges both nations and rulers. We must not act or think as unbelievers, or as those who do not trust God.”

“America has chosen a President. President-Elect Barack Obama is that choice, and he faces a breathtaking array of challenges and choices in days ahead. This is the time for Christians to begin praying in earnest for our new President. There is no time to lose.” America Has Chosen a President by Al Mohler

“But not being able to vote for someone is very different than not being able to pray for him. I pray (for) him, his wife and those precious daughters. (To see black children living in the White House will be to me a dream come true, despite my profound regrets that their father doesn’t stand for every child’s right to live.)”

“…I pray that in those areas where President Obama does advocate what is right, God will richly bless him. I pray God will give him wisdom and strength in negotiating with international heads of state. I pray God will change his mind in areas where he’s wrong, and restrain him from keeping his promises to Planned Parenthood concerning the Freedom of Choice Act, which would dramatically set back the legal cause of unborn children. I pray that, by some heart-changing miracle or providential human miscalculation, the next Supreme Court justice would be someone who would vote for the right to life of our smallest children, God’s smallest children.” It’s Over; but It’s not Over (one Day it will be) by Randy Alcorn

“We are the Body of Jesus Christ and we have an opportunity to show His character. This is our watch. We stand for what is right not from our feet but from our knees.” A United House by Beth Moore

And….Thank You from John McCain’s lovely daughter Meghan. Despite the disappointing results of this presidential election, I will always be proud to have voted for those candidates that respect the sanctity of all human life and uphold the constitution in its original intent, and I will keep them in my prayers as they seek God’s wisdom for direction for the days to come.

I am satisfied and at peace that we are not counted among the liberal voices – the media, the ultra-liberal entertainment industry, and other liberal leaning organizations and institutions, or that our voting and non-voting children were swayed by peer pressure to vote along liberal lines just because it was the popular and trendy thing to do. Emily, especially, has faithfully researched the issues, made her own decisions and then stood unwavering in her conservative beliefs and politics. She makes me very proud.

What brings me even greater peace and satisfaction comes from knowing who I am in Christ. As Beth Moore wrote yesterday

“No matter what happens today(yesterday), we are GOD’S elect. He has elected us to show His heart and to walk in His ways in the culture that surrounds us. We are called to walk in the challenging balance of grace and truth.”

I’m heading out for that walk right now. Coming with me?


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