Shifting sand…

My absentee ballot is sealed, signed, and stamped (in that order), and ready for a trip to the post office.

The elections have been a primary topic of conversation in our home for weeks – if not months, and to be honest – we are more than ready for the elections to be over and to be able to move on to the next thing. I think it is providential that the “next thing” will be Thanksgiving, don’t you?

No matter the outcome, the 2008 election cycle has been a defining moment in history and our lives will likely never be the same. If we – as in all of us – have been blind to the liberal and leftist (socialist) agenda at work around us, then our eyes have most surely been opened.

Somewhere along the way — while most of us were enjoying our precious freedoms, taking kids to soccer, ordering pizza and listening to our iPods — there was another group of people who were at work to destroy America. Even as they enjoyed with us its benefits, they schemed and planned and, moment by moment, inch by inch, gained a footing and we never realized the ground was shifting. The Rebellion has begun and it is not a partisan fight by Sandy Rios (HT – Holly)

As Rios traces this “rebellion” over the past half century, she perfectly articulates many of the thoughts, observations and fears that have been part of the political conversation here on Pollywog Creek. How our observations will change the way we live as we move into the days and weeks ahead remains to be seen.

Last week, Emily and I discussed declaring a season of prayer and fasting as we approach election day – a spiritual discipline that others like Holly have been led to consider, as well. I was particularly impressed by a comment one person made about fasting during the elections when she stated that she wasn’t fasting that her “man” would win, but that God’s will be done, and that she would be prepared for whatever that may be.


I’m reminded, as well, of a statement made by my pastor months ago – that our hope does not rest in Washington, D.C. The ground may be shifting, as Rios accurately states, but it is “on Christ the solid Rock I stand…”

“For who is God, but the Lord? And who is a rock, except our God?—” Psalm 18:31 (ESV)

UPDATE – Of course, John Piper says it much better than I…Let Christians Vote As Though They Were Not Voting


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