Of course I took my camera…

…just didn’t have much time to use it!

My goodness – what a fabulous group of sweet and gifted ladies I was with this weekend. Honestly – we should have switched places – they should have been speaking to me.

This morning I “lost” my cell phone. I searched everywhere – retraced my steps to the dining room, checked my purse, camera bag, luggage, every thing at least 6 times. Went through the garbage – twice, checked under the bed, the mattress, behind the furniture. And, of course, prayed. Everyone prayed.

It didn’t help that I had awakened with a headache and my thoughts were a bit foggy. I knew I had seen the phone near my bed, but could not remember if I had tucked it in the pocket of my pants before heading out to breakfast – or not.

The ringer was set on vibrate, but several people tried to locate it by calling the number anyway. Two precious ladies attending the retreat actually left the assembly to search the grass outside the retreat center, as well as the path along the lake to the dining room. My phone just seemed to have vanished.

Fortunately for all of us, I was not scheduled to speak today. I admit that not being able to locate my phone was a bit of a distraction. After the retreat, I was not planning on going straight home and needed to call Emily who was also not at home. I couldn’t use another phone to call her, because I don’t know her number. Not only that, Louis wasn’t at home and I don’t know his cell phone number, either. I just find their names on my contact list and push the button. Pathetic, I know.

Nearly four hours later, the only event remaining was lunch. I’d missed most of the morning session, including my dear, dear friend J’s talk, and still didn’t find my phone. Before we headed to the dining room, J’s daughter wanted to take a photograph of J, another friend, and me. Making a sad face I told her, “This is me NOT finding my phone.”

Sweet thing that she is, she answered, “No, that is you BEFORE we find your phone. Jesus knows right where your phone is.”

“I’m sure He does,” I replied. “I just wish He would tell me what He knows.”

Ask J to check her purse, I thought.

Well…that was an embarassing thought. Ask my friend to check her purse? Her daughter had already looked through it earlier.

“J, would you please check your purse one more time…just in case?” I asked apologetically.

Yep. J had two phones in her purse and one of them was mine.

J felt terrible, but I was elated, and J’s daughter took another photo of the three of us AFTER we found my phone. Is that not a hoot?

J said she was humbled, but if you ask me, I’m the one who was truly humbled. Afterall, I was the one who was worrying and fretting over my phone when Jesus knew exactly where it was.


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