I was rather naughty yesterday…

You would have been, too, I’m sure of it – if you shared my loathing for sultry summers and autumn surprised you by sneaking over the pine trees with soft cool breezes and the blue-jays were wearing their cerulean coats and splashing playfully in the bird bath while mockingbird virtuosos serenaded from the branches of the live oak…

…and enticed you, like me, to spend hours on the swing under the sweetgum tree.

I would not even regret my indulgence one teensy tiny little bit if it weren’t for a Tuesday deadline I’ll now be pressed to meet.

My copy of Chris Brauns’s Unpacking Forgiveness arrived earlier this week and if it weren’t for that Tuesday deadline I’m sure I would have finished it by now. Chris graciously allowed me to preview the first few chapters a couple of weeks ago, and I have been anxiously waiting for more.

Last month, Emily and I received preview copies of Rebecca St. James’s new devotional Pure – A 90 Day Devotional for the Mind, Body, and Spirit for review. We have loved Rebecca from the time we were introduced to her music in the mid 90’s – an admiration and respect that grew stronger during our interview with her in 2006. Rebecca’s authenticity shines brilliantly in Pure as she humbly reveals experiences from her own faith journey to love God in purity with her mind, body and spirit and encourages us with Scripture to do the same. We will be giving away copies of Rebecca’s new devotional, as well as posting our reviews, the middle of next month, but I wouldn’t blame you one little bit if you just can’t wait and purchase a copy of Pure for you and your daughters and granddaughters now.


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