Day 3…

Last night…

Watching Governor Sarah Palin’s RNC Speech
Don’t worry. Pollywog Creek isn’t evolving into a photographic journey through Emily’s senior year of high school – though maybe I should consider re-opening (and re-naming) my Project 365 for just such a purpose. You think?

I’ll withhold any political commentary on Palin’s speech last night. and just say that one of my favorite moments was when the CBS camera was on Sarah’s 4 year old daughter Piper. Piper was holding Trig, gently rubbing his head, smoothing down his hair when she….

Well, if you missed it, you just have to go watch it here. (Fast forward to about the 10:30 – 10:50 minute spot in the video – just after Palin’s hockey-mom, pittbull, lipstick remark ) We’re still chuckling.

It’s been quite the week so far here on Pollywog Creek – and I’ve not had enough moments to describe them for you. It began with Nick having to ride out Hurricane Gustov while anchored in the Mississippi River between New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. Safely. Thank You, Lord.

Today Louis, Casey, Emily and I are headed to St. Petersburg for a baseball game – stopping at the beach and an early dinner at the Columbia Restaurant along the way. It’s rough. I know. It’s a temporary escape from the realities of life, while keeping one eye on the tropics.

I know I keep saying it, but hopefully I’ll have more tomorrow…


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