Thursday is my favorite….

…maybe. I’m so tempted to say that right now – in this season – Thursday is my favorite day of the week, but if I think about it, so is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday could be my favorite because it’s the day that I schedule the fewest and simplest chores so I can devote large chunks of time to studying and writing, but then Monday is the day that Louis stays home, and Tuesday and Friday I get to play with Gavin all day, and Wednesday I get to do ministry with my friend Jane, and Saturday we take naps after lunch then watch baseball or golf or in just a couple of weeks – football, and Sunday I get to rest and go to church. It’s all good, isn’t it?

It’s all good because life is good.

And life is good because God is good.

I remember with clarity those years of raising little ones and thinking that, until they grew up and moved away from home, every year was my favorite – though not because they were easy. Every year ushered in it’s own set of trials and difficulties that threatened to undo me – smaller moments in the spans of time when life’s goodness seemed elusive, but there was always an abundance of love and laughter and grace for every circumstance, and in the end I could declare that it was good.

I recently watched a portion of an interview David Gregory did with Tony Snow about a year ago, and there is one statement Tony made that has continued to resonate with me. As he struggled to maintain his composure and control the tears that threatened when he spoke of his children and how they were coping with his cancer, Tony looked at David Gregory and said, “It is great to love people this much.”

**Zinnia photos from my archives.


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