Project: Through the Window :: Day 6…

For as long as I can recall, I have not been able to leave home without grabbing a notebook (or two) – just in case in a moment of inspiration, I am driven to journal my thoughts or ideas.

In recent years, I’ve developed the same compulsion to not leave home without my camera – even for a quick trip into town. You never know.

Twenty years ago, When we bought our home on Pollywog Creek on the north side of the river, we were new to this rural community and did not realize how inconvenient it would be to live on the opposite side of the river from the town and the farming community 25 miles south where Louis worked.

We quickly learned to add at least 10 minutes to the time needed to cross the river, just in case the bridge was closed to traffic. Did you know that boats have the right-of-way? And it doesn’t take much of a boat to require the bridge’s opening, causing traffic to back up in both directions, especially during the season when trucks loaded with citrus are headed for packing houses. (Argh!!!)

On one of my trips into town earlier this year, I caught the bridge’s closing to traffic just as it was preparing to open for a small sailboat with a mast too tall to go under the bridge. In my boredom while waiting at the crossbar, I snapped a few photos from my car window. Once again, not much to offer in creativity or composition – but it was “through-the-window”.

Please check out JC’s latest “through-the-window” photo, and browse around her website while you are there. I love her photography.


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