Just when I thought it was safe to mosey back down to the creekbank earlier this week, our bobcat decided to make another appearance. Emily discovered him sitting in the driveway between the house and the road. When “bob” saw Emily, he got up and leisurely walked toward the woodpile near the pond, but when our dog Jake started barking, he sprinted into the thickets.

Later that day, we saw him jumping and leaping through the grass along the edge of the creek, trying to catch a butterfly. I must admit that was awfully cute. The butterfly escaped, but the squirrels that were robbing the bird feeder in our backyard caught his attention. When he began to work his way toward the house, stalking the squirrels, Emily – not particularly keen on carnage in the backyard – stepped out onto the back porch and scared “Bob” into the woods again. We haven’t seen him since.

He really is cute, though, isn’t he?


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