We only have aerial television here on Pollywog Creek (our choice). Without access to a sports channel, we rely on ESPN or MLB websites to “watch” our team and keep up with all the baseball scores.

Last night, while “watching” the New York Yankees win their second in a row against the Boston Red Sox (a fact that I simply HAD to mention), I placed my laptop on the floor for a quick break, and when I returned, I found Lucy stretched across the keyboard. She had somehow managed to open about a dozen windows on my computer while making herself comfy.

Emily has declared another one of her “internet fasts”, and I have decided to take Lucy’s gesture as a sign that maybe I should join Emily in her “fast”.

Emily recently accepted a position as the county campaign chairperson for Tom Rooney for U.S. Congress District 16, (way cool for anyone, especially a 17 year old) which means she will need to check her email throughout the day, but that is all the internet access she intends to have for a week.

I have three books I want to finish (The Cross of Christ, by John Stott, A Blossom in the Desert, by Lilias Trotter, and Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul David Tripp), I have a music CD to review, and I am just beginning to prepare a talk for a church retreat for women later this fall. It will be good for me to limit my internet time to email access for a week, as well – though I might have to check on those baseball scores in the evening.

Before I sign off for the week and totally forget, I want to list a few bits of random goodness…

  • Emily is reading Do Hard Things – A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations, by Alex and Brett Harris. She is finding it to be very encouraging as she is offered opportunities to do just that – hard things.
  • For high school graduation gifts this year, I filled plastic file boxes (like these) with hanging files, bags of pens, sticky notes, tabs, scissors, etc., and for those young people who I know are Christians, I added the Don’t Waste Your Life Gift Pack, and these OUTSTANDING talks from the Regional Passion Conferences (don’t overlook the $2 downloads).
  • Two of the books I am presently reading are on Carolyn Mahaney’s My Eight-Year Reading List. I had been looking for a John Stott recommendation for a while and was thrilled to find one. If you are looking for reading suggestions you can trust, I highly recommend taking a look at Carolyn’s list.

I’m sure I’ll remember other important stuff after I sign off, but whatever it is, it will just have to wait.

See y’all next week.


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