Summertime, baseball and homeschooling…

Know what I like best about summer? That fall, winter and spring are soon to follow. Seriously. I. do. not. like. summer.

I do not like heat, humidity, hurricanes, lightening, and bugs – though I do have fun trying to photograph them.

There are a few delightful summery things that make the season tolerable for me until fall – like sweet tea, sunflowers, mockingbirds, popsicles, fresh-mowed grass, and baseball. I also enjoy watching the summer olympics and golf (wasn’t that an awesome U.S. Open last week?!?!?!) from the comfort of my air-conditioned living room.

Air-conditioning is clearly one of my favorite 20th century inventions, and despite the fact that I am a Yankees fan and every time we have gone to Tampa to see the Yankees play the Rays the Rays have won, I love that the Tampa Bay Rays have an air-conditioned baseball stadium.

Speaking of baseball, I thought this article on this morning was interesting, especially when I read this…

Because his son was home-schooled, Pat Jr. wasn’t dissuaded from doing something that might have been seen as “unnatural,” his father said.

When I asked Emily if she agreed with that statement, she said she did. As a homeschooler she feels that she has not had to deal with discouragement from peers, but has been more willing to try something different if we have encouraged her to do so. Interesting.


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