Day 3 in NYC – and on our way home

By ~ Patricia

June 6, 2008

Category: NYY

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I’m presently sitting in the jetBlue terminal at JFK, waiting for our flight back to Florida. Please forgive me if this post needs editing – we’ve only had about 4 hours of sleep.

Yesterday was clearly the highlight of our trip. We have attended three NYY baseball games in Florida and the Yankees have lost every single one of them. Considering the Yankees dismal record this year, we would not have been surprised if they had lost again yesterday. In fact, it was looking like that was a real possibility.

I’m not a sports reporter and this will not be a recap of the game yesterday, but let me say that at the bottom of the 9th inning the Yankees were down by one and it appeared that they were about to add another loss to their record. There were 2 outs, with one runner on base, and Jason Giambi came into the game as a pinch hitter. With 2 strikes against him, Giambi hit a home run, scoring the winning run for the Yankees. It was so exciting.

Confident that the Yankees were about to lose, many of the fans left, but those of us who stayed were thrilled. What fun!

After the game, we took the subway back to Times Square (we are gluttons for punishment, I guess) for dinner at Bubba Gumps before returning to the hotel.

I’ll post photos after we get home (our plane is getting ready to board).



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