Day 1 in NYC

Emily had the window seat.

For several reasons, we love to fly Jet Blue. The TV options are just one of them. It is fun to tune in to the channel that tracks our flight.

After checking into our hotel, we took the subway into Manhattan for a visit to Ground Zero.

This was our 4th or 5th visit to Ground Zero. I’ll write more about that later – when I have more time.

Only for a special event, like the annual spring festival or high school graduation, do we see these in the rural community I’m from. We only have a handful of traffic lights, much less traffic cops.

The towering skyscrapers and noisy hustle and bustle on the streets is such a huge contrast with the beautiful old churches surrounded by cemeteries and lush green lawns that appear here and there throughout the financial district.

Emily on the Merrill Lynch Bull. Compare with three years ago, when Emily sat on this bull with Nick and Kristin during graduation week at Kings Point.

Well, we are off for a rainy day 2 in NYC. Later…


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