A bit of randomness on this Memorial Day…

If you haven’t heard the Cactus Cuties sing the National Anthem, trust me – you are in for a treat. (HT – my pastor)

It’s the calm before the not-so-calm here on Pollywog Creek. Most of Emily’s closest friends are graduating from high school this week, as well as my niece Sommer. We have gifts to buy and graduations and graduation parties to attend in different communities, and we leave for NYC in just over a week. Now that I am a month post surgery and can lift more than a jug of milk, I get to play with Gavin two days this week, too.

Louis, Emily and I have enjoyed a quiet day at home. Louis worked in the yard, I tackled my Monday chores, and Emily lay out in the sun before we ate grilled steaks on our “I Love America” dinner plates and remembered in prayer the many brave men and women, as well as their families, who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom over the years.

Every now and then it makes me weary to see so much “stuff” in my sidebar, so I tidied up a little one day last week. I am still posting a flower photo every day in May, but instead of putting it in the header and sidebar, I’m adding the new photo to a page linked to the “A Flower a Day the Month of May” button at the top of the sidebar. Much better.

I’ve been a bit depressed lately. There is a mixed bag of reasons that I’ll write about another time, but I must admit that high temperatures in the 90’s is one of them. My northern friends seem to be depressed in the winter, while I get depressed in the summer. The heat and humidity of summer, combined with almost daily thunderstorms, definitely have a negative affect on my mental well-being. I spend much more time indoors – protected from the harsh elements – and the number and length of my walks around Pollywog Creek decrease dramatically.

Delightful breezes and lower humidity have lured me (and my camera) out of the air-conditioning the past couple of days. Yesterday I was thrilled to discover that the beautyberry growing in the thickets along the creek is beginning to blossom (the leaf-footed bugs are a bonus)…

True to its name, it produces the most beautiful ripe berries later in the summer.

I also had fun watching this pair of downy woodpeckers…

Also true to their name, a pair of great crested flycatchers have been flycatching and tending to a nest they built in one of the fox squirrel breeding boxes…

Speaking of the fox squirrels, they are in big trouble. The brazen little stinkers have been chewing up one of my bird feeders and eating my beautiful sunflowers.

The bluejays and cardinals are the only visitors to the feeders now. The bluejays are so big that they can only stay on the perch long enough to grab a sunflower seed in their beak and fly onto a tree branch to eat it. I must need longer perches.

I’d love to know how you and your family have spent Memorial Day weekend.


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