One more year…

Emily is quickly approaching the completion of her eleventh grade studies, and I am at the end of twenty-two years of homeschooling. Twenty-two years. Only one more year before “retirement”. Obviously homeschooling was the right choice, a good fit, for our family, and though we would certainly do some many things differently if we had them to do over again (who wouldn’t), we’d still choose homeschooling.

This is not, however, about homeschooling. I’ve much too much to accomplish today (in case you didn’t know – I’m going to Texas) to compose an article on homeschooling. It’s about legalism and pride and humility and unity in the body of Christ – as though I have time to write about all that.

This is an acknowledgement that Christ showed me the prideful condition of my heart not too many years ago – a humbling experience that changed the tone and subject of much of my writing and the thoughts and ideas I expose myself to on a regular basis. I may be repeating myself, but in case someone reading this today missed it before…

I want to apologize to anyone who may have been hurt or offended by any thoughtless or prideful words that have come from my keyboard or my mouth – particularly regarding educational choices.

All that to say that yesterday I was thrilled to watch the following short video by Pastor Josh Harris. It is an important message for all of us – public schoolers, homeschoolers, and Christian schoolers.

“Encouraging Unity Among the Educational “Camps”

I agree totally with Molly Routson at Route5:9 when she wrote that this was her favorite quote from Josh Harris’s message:

“There can be a perception that there are three different camps [home school, private school, public school] … and in the midst of that we can lose sight of the fact that there’s only one camp we’re a part of, and that’s the saved by grace camp.”

I think that about says it all!

Emily and I are getting ready for a busy, busy day. In case I failed to mention it before, I am going to Texas. Tomorrow, and I have a doctor’s appointment and last minute shopping and packing to accomplish…and a Starbucks stop with my favorite homeschooler…


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