Not so amazing…

I do not take it for granted that I have the most wonderful daughter…and I’m not saying that because she thinks I am amazing. Emily truly is a wonderful daughter, and she and her daddy have been taking great care of me since we came home from the hospital yesterday.

The surgeon was able to remove my gallbladder with the laparoscopic procedure – most certainly an answer to prayer. Supposedly I will be recovered enough to leave for Texas next week, though right now I can barely manage to walk across the room. I can only imagine how silly I must look – bent over holding onto my side and staring at the floor while shuffling from one place to the next – a feat I accomplish only if absolutely necessary. Percocet and saltine crackers are my temporary new best friends. Not so amazing after all.

To quote my daughter, “Thank you everyone so much for all of the prayers and for loving (me).” God is so good to me.

The nurse’s aid who led me from the waiting room to the pre-op area yesterday morning was cheerful and optimistic. “Are you excited?” she asked, after gathering basic information about me and handing me a hospital gown to change into.

I laughed. “I’m not sure excited is the word that immediately comes to my mind.”

“Just think,” she continued, “some people who need this surgery aren’t able to do so. Some people are too sick or too old, but God is good to you and you should be excited that you are able to have this surgery so you can feel better.”

She was right, of course.

God is very good to me.


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