I am having a gloriously wonderful day.

I have just delighted in being outside soaking up the sunlight for over two hours – stretched out on my swing with my Bible study, devotional and journal. It is a most amazingly beautiful spring day.

It is also very cool and breezy, and it was a bit of a struggle to keep the pages of my Bible and journal opened to the ones I wanted. As gusts of wind flipped the pages of my journal back to April 5th, it nearly took my breath away to read the entry I had made that day, two whole days before this “heart attack” drama of mine even began.

I wish that I could remember what I might have been thinking or feeling that inspired me to copy that particular verse for that day, but I can not. It was – undoubtedly – the Holy Spirit preparing my “heart” for the week to come.

As I prepared a new journal page for day – painting it lavender for reasons I’ll write about later – I thought about inspiration and the things that inspire creativity in me.

It’s a given, I believe, that God is the source of all inspiration and creativity that brings glory and honor to His name, and that it begins and is sustained at His feet and in His Word, but I also know that I am inspired to write, to sing, to draw, to photograph, to speak, to be a keeper at home or to practice hospitality by things I see or smell or hear or read like…

rays of sunlight breaking through the branches of the tall pine trees just as the sun begins to rise in the east

the bright green of spring’s new growth on the sweetgum trees

spanish moss draped across the branches of the oak trees swaying in the wind

clean sheets drying on the clothes line

fresh baked bread

the smell of bleach washed clothes

the whip-poor-will’s song in the night

the mockingbird’s song in the day

wind chimes

a campfire

good literature

vanilla candles


mist rising from the pond


the smell of fresh-mowed grass

my family

my friends

That’s my short list.

Before it was warm enough this morning to sit outside, I was very much inspired in different ways by two excellent authors, Randy Alcorn’s “What Does a Cross-Bearer Look Like” at his blog “Eternal Perspectives”) and Jill Carattini’s “The Lift of Remembrance” at “A Slice of Inifinity”. Good, good stuff.

What about you? What and/or who inspires creativity in you? I’d really love to know.


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